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AluTileMat® system

our new modular entrance mat product line designed for unique buildings

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We stop dirt & moisTure at the entrance and make the first impression of your building special!

Aluminum entrance floor matting solutions

Entrance matting systems are expected to remove dirt from shoe soles, wheels of shopping carts, wheelchairs and baby carriages. In our portfolio we offer various  indoor and outdoor treads for heavy, medium and small trafic.

The cleaning of a building succeeds in 80% of the cases on the floor, so it is not indifferent how much dirt is being carried inside through the shoe soles.  An effective entrance matting system cleans 96% of the dirts.


Since 2006

standard entrance doormat systems

Our 3 different aluminum rail profiles can be equipped with different treads like brush, rub, rusp and various textiles depending on the functionality and  environment.
Available personalized logo or image designed version!

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The unique aluminum rail motives designed by art designer.

AluTileMat modules are made in our own factory.

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hundreds of


office buildings, public buildings, factories, shops, hotels, etc.

Our aluminum entrance matting solutions have already proven themselves in the entrances of many building.


Zone 1

Outer area:
Cleaning of lumpy dirt and heavy mud.

Zone 2

Intermediate area: Removing small solid and wet dirt and absorb moisture. (revolving door, windbreaker)

Zone 3

Internal area: Removing dirt from granule size and absorb the rest of the moisture.

8 easy steps for the perfect cleanness

ZONE APPROACH – How it works?

In addition to accurate sizing and careful use of materials, we recommend the use of a zoning approach for the design of the entrance matting system at the entrances for maximum efficiency. According to which, moving from the outside to the inside of a building, the dirt mats perform different tasks and the maximum efficiency system can be designed taking this into account.

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